Things you need to know:

  • The next regular bi-monthly members meeting will be the January Dinner Meeting. It will be on the 3rd Saturday of January at the Lewis Creek Baptist Church. We will post more details on this when we know more.
  • The Silent Auction of Don Miller’s(SK) radio and test equipment was a great success on this past Saturday. We were able to sell all items and raised enough funds to sustain the operations of the Society for quite a few years to come. Our thanks to Sandra Miller for the donation of the equipment to the Society.
  • The BRVARS is now the repeater trustee for the 147.000 MHz and 442.600 MHz repeaters located on the WIFE tower in Northwest Rush County. Both of these repeaters have a 127.3 Hz PL tone. The Rush County EMA is the owner of the repeaters. We hope to link these repeaters to our Shelby County repeaters at some time in the near future. Radio Station WIFE, Rushville, IN is going to allow us to use a vacant cubicle at the base of their tower to house these two repeaters. We will be installing new electrical service to the cubicle in the near future and make preparations for moving the repeaters. Thank you, WIFE.
  • The Shelbyville D Star repeater can be your link to the Indiana Statewide D Star net every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM. If not already linked to reflector 24B you can go ahead and link the repeater to reflector 24B for the Statewide net.
  • The Shelbyville DMR repeater is now back on the Indiana DMR Consortium network. The repeater is networked through the W9SMJ c-Bridge. Please note that all 3 DMR networks in Indiana now share the 3118 Statewide talk group.
  • The repeater team has the UHF link radio back up and running with the 220 MHz repeater. The UHF link radio links our 220 MHz repeater to the central Indiana 220 MHz repeater network.