Don Miller, W9NTP(SK)

Don Miller, W9NTP, passed away at his home on Sunday, March 23, 2015. Don was a charter member of the Society and was very instrumental in numerous Society activities over the years. Don was 91 years young when he passed and had been an ARRL member for over 70 years. Don was born on May 25, 1923.

The viewing will be at the Glen George Funeral Home in St Paul, IN from 5:00PM until 8:00PM on Friday, March 27. The funeral service will be at the Moscow Christian Church in Moscow, IN at 10:30AM on Saturday, March 28.

We have decided to go ahead and have the Ham Breakfast this Saturday morning at Denny’s at 8:30AM in honor of Don, and then go onto the Funeral service at Moscow.

Please call John Walker, K9SVL at 317-402-5000 for any further information or questions.