Yaesu Fusion Digital/Analog Repeater Is On The Air

Friday afternoon the new Yaesu Fusion repeater was put on the air and is available for use on the 145.48 MHz frequency that was used by the analog FM repeater. The Yaesu Fusion repeater will work both Fusion digital and analog FM modes. The repeater controller auto senses the mode of the signal transmitted to the repeater and adjusts accordingly. Analog FM radios will still be able to use this new repeater since it works both modes. There are no PL tones on this repeater as well, since we still have users with equipment that are not PL tone capable. It is nice to report that we have received several compliments on the apparent increased improvement in coverage by the repeater. We hope that this new equipment will better serve the local amateur radio community and be of better service when needed during events requiring emergency communications. This is an open repeater and is available to all licensed amateur radio operators.