Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Digital Mobile Radio is slightly more complicated than your typical analog FM radio setup. Some special programming needs to be done to your radio which you can do yourself or it can be done for you by the BRVARS repeater trustee(s). The Society is licensed by Motorola to program DMR radios and also to program wide band UHF simplex and repeater frequencies into your Motorola radio. We have programming software and code plugs for several of the more popular DMR radios available on the market. It is recommended that you read the following PDF file so that you will have a better understanding of DMR radio and how it works. You will enjoy and understand DMR radio just a little bit better if you do.



The DMR-MARC World-Wide network group has established a best practices guide which should add positively to your DMR radio experience. Please take some time and read through it and enjoy your radio. Our local DMR repeater is networked into the Hoosier DMR Net which in turn is networked into the DMR-MARC World-Wide network. You can talk to folks all over the globe once you know and understand the best practices put forth in the guide below.



You can dig even deeper into the technicalities of DMR radio by visiting the DMR-MARC website. Just click on this DMR-MARC link to go to their website and take in just as much or little as you want.