Digital SSTV

Shelby County Hams have a long history in the Amateur Radio SSTV and ATV modes. In the days of analog SSTV some of the equipment used by Amateur Radio operators was manufactured locally by the Wyman Research Company of Waldron, IN. The company was owned by Club member, Don Miller. There was an active group back then that participated in analogue SSTV and ATV. Today, there is a small, dedicated group of digital SSTV fans that congregate on 144.36 MHz using the EasyPal program(latest version) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at around 7:30AM. All are welcome to join this group for a lot of fun.

A minimum of extra equipment is required to set your shack up for participating in digital SSTV. Below are a couple of equipment scenarios that will get you into digital SSTV:

Sound Card Interface using computer’s internal sound card:

  • Computer running on Windows 7 with sound card
  • EASYPAL Version-07-OCT-2014(or later)
  • Sound Card interface such as the MFJ-1275
  • Proper cables for your computer to radio and Sound Card Interface hook up

This method requires getting quite a few cables properly connected between the computer and the Sound Card interface box along with cables between the computer and radio. Quite a few jumpers need to be set inside the Sound Card interface box as well depending on your microphone and radio brand/model. You will also have to check your Windows sound levels using the control panel and make sure they are at the proper levels. Not impossible to setup. If you can hook up and program your TV controller you can probably handle this with few problems.

External Sound Card setup not using the computer’s internal sound card:

This method is much less complicated to hook up and only requires 2 cables. One cable goes from the Signalink to the Computer and the other cable goes from the Signalink to the Radio. Very straight forward. The proper sound levels are controlled by the 2 dials on the front of the Signalink. A couple of jumpers need to be configured inside the Signalink based on the type of radio you are using. Instructions are included with the Signalink.

When you run EasyPal for the first time, you will have to select the sound card in the Signalink device. You can also choose whether or not to use the Hybrid method for sending large picture files as well. Most of us leave the Hybrid method checked on. If you are working with the Signalink device and have issues just join in with us during one of our operating sessions on 144.36 Mhz and we will try to help you get up and running.