IRC Approves Frequency Assignment for D Star UHF Repeater.

The Indiana Repeater Council(IRC) has approved the frequency assignment for the D Star UHF repeater. The assigned frequency pair is 442.1875/447.1875 MHz. As soon as we receive the duplexers for this repeater we will put it into service.

We also have a home for this repeater. The Mark Concrete Products Incorporated, 1126 S Miller AveShelbyville, IN 46176, will be allowing us to house the repeater equipment in what used to be the old Hardin Oil Company office building. The 125 foot high tower already has a nice UHF band, 8 bay, folded-dipole array antenna mounted on top of the tower. The antenna is fed with very high quality, low-loss, hard line coax. The site was last used by ATT until about a year ago when they ceased using a UHF repeater on the site for their communications. We checked out the coax and antenna and everything looks good for use with the D Star repeater. We are very fortunate as an amateur radio club to be able to accept the hospitality of the Mark Concrete Products company in hosting our repeater at their site.