Bicentennial Indiana QSO Party

 Bicentennial Indiana QSO Party

Bicentennial Indiana QSO Party is Saturday, May 7th, 11AM to 11PM EDT.

This is a 12 hour operating event with the objective of activating all 92 Indiana counties and getting as many Indiana hams on the air as possible during the QSO Party on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter amateur bands.

The goal for hams operating from Indiana is to work all 92 counties and as many hams in Indiana and worldwide as possible.

As part of the Indiana Bicentennial Celebration the HDXCC will offer a special certificate for working the following 15 counties: Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne, representing the 15 counties that made up Indiana on December 11, 1816 when Indiana was admitted to the union. See rules for detail on receiving the certificate.

A certificate will be awarded for any station activating one or more of the 15 Bicentennial Counties and submitting an entry. This applies to fixed, portable, rover and mobile stations making 25 QSO minimum is an aggregate from one or more of the 15 qualifying counties.

INQP allows a number of operating categories including: QRP, low and high power single operator, all-out club efforts, multi-operator high power and multi-multi (multi operator and multi transmitters) operation. Also included are mobile units and rovers moving from county to county and portable setups similar to Field Day. Plaques are awarded for best in Indiana, out of state efforts, and best individual county efforts!

The Indiana exchange is RS(T) plus the county, for all others States it is RS(T) plus state, for Canada RS(T) plus province or territory and all others it is RS(T) plus DX.

The INQP Club Competition offers Indiana Amateur Radio Clubs a great opportunity as a club operating event. This could be a membership operating activity, a club multi-operation or a portable operation from a rare county or straddling a county line.

The club’s aggregate score is the total score of the club members submitting contact-logs. At the end of the QSO party club members will submit their contact-logs electronically listing their club affiliation.

The club must be a legitimate Indiana Club. At least three members must participate, either as three individual single operator entries or a multi-operation entry listing three members or a combination of these entries.  All contacts made by club members submitting logs, must be made from a station located in Indiana during the INQP.

Digital logs are preferred for INQP entry submissions. Handwritten logs are accepted, but they have to be manually entered, so please use logging software if at all possible. The Cabrillo log format is preferred for log submission.

Top Club Competition Plaque will be awarded to the club with highest aggregate score and awards certificates for second and third place. We would like to encourage all Indiana clubs to consider putting together a club effort and get their members on the air for the INQP.

The INQP overlaps with a few other QSO parties and contests: the 7QP, NEQP, and the Italian ARI Contest. So, during the INQP many other stations seek contacts from Indiana to fill their logs. The more Indiana stations on the air that day, the more action for everyone!

Typically 80, 40 and 20 meters are the most common bands used during the INQP, with 40 meters being the best band to work Indiana stations. Check 80/75 meters after dark for activity.

INQP PowerPoint Presentation – The HDXCC has put together an INQP PowerPoint presentation that can be used as program material at your club meeting.

See the HDXCC web site for detailed information on the INQP rules, entry categories, logging software links and operating information for the INQP:


The Indiana QSO Party is sponsored by the Hoosier DX and Contest Club (HDXCC)